Making the most of your trial with The Gap

Making the most of your trial with The Gap

Welcome to The Gap!

During your trial, you can:
  1. Take a tour under Main menu >  > Take a tour.
  2. Complete your firm's minimum setup requirements:
    1. Customise your firm's settings.
    2. Configure your proposal payment terms.
  3.  Check out the free content available, including:
    1. Three full business advisory services (bridges).
    2. Mindsets.
    3. Training videos.
    4. Marketing collateral.
    5. Leadership resources.
  4. Familiarise yourself with our bridges, including:
    1. What is in a bridge?
    2. How to use a bridge?
  5. Review our Gap Champion content to discover best practice implementation of The Gap.
    1. Check out our Gap Champion Guide available in Main menu > > Leadership > Gap Champion Resources folder.
    2. Additionally, read the Change Management for Advisory Success article for more information about implementing The Gap.
  6. Create a Business Plan for your firm:
    1. Add your firm as a client.
    2. Choose the facilitator and attendees for your session.
    3. Send pre-work.
    4. Prepare for the session.
    5. Deliver the session.
  7.  Upgrade your account to become a Gap member and gain access to our entire product.

We also recommend booking a demo with a team member from The Gap who can advise how you can get the best ROI with The Gap.

What is The Gap?

The Gap is a web-based portal for accounting and bookkeeping firms, enabling them to market, sell and deliver a broad spectrum of Business Development and Advisory services to the small business community. Our offering spans four key areas: education, content, marketing, and software to enable efficient delivery of value-add services to accelerate small business success.

A guided tour

When you first log into the portal, a sequence of pop-over prompts will appear containing descriptions of portal features. The pop-over tour will guide you through the basic settings and portal areas; once you finish the tour, you'll be redirected to your User Settings page so you can set up your Multi-Factor Authentication. You can retake the tour at any time by navigating to Main menu >  > Take a tour.

Your main menu

The small red toolbar in the top right-hand corner is your Main menu.

From left to right:
  1. Use the search  icon to search for documents.
  2. Under the question mark  icon, we recommend you 'Take a tour'.
  3. The padlock  icon is to access the Admin area. As you are the first user of your trial firm, you will have administrative rights to access the firm's setup.
  4. The home  icon is to access your dashboard, as well as the Bridges, Mindset Tools, Training, Marketing and Leadership areas. Members can also access our Facebook community group.
  5. The briefcase  icon takes you to your working files, where your DraftsCompleted and Template documents are stored, as well as your Inbox for documents submitted by clients and Outbox to check the status of emails sent to the client via the portal.
  6. The people  icon is where you can view or add clients. Portal administrators can sync clients from XPM in the Admin area.
  7. The cog  icon is where you can access your personal profile and update your user settings such as email greeting, disclaimer and signature. You can also update your password here and set up multi-factor authentication, plus view your trial end date.

Left-hand navigation panel

The large red panel on the left-hand side of the dashboard is your navigation panel. From top to bottom:
  1. Bridges: all the content you need to market, sell and deliver Business Development services, webinars, seminars and workshops.
  2. Mindset Tools: mindset cards and videos.
  3. Training: recordings of training sprints and other training resources.
  4. Marketing: content to streamline your firm's marketing.
  5. Leadership: internal best practice leadership content.
  6. The Gap Community: members can join our Facebook Community Group.

What is the minimum setup?

  1. Enter your firm's information under Main menu >  > Firm Settings
    1. Add your firm's contact information, Logo and Footer Text; this information will automatically populate portal documents
    2. For more information, see the Customising firm settings article

  2. Set up your Local Value Added TaxPayment Terms and Payment Settings in Main menu >  > Services & Pricing > Payment Options 
    1. These fields require information prior to proposal creation to populate the Pricing and Payment Terms section in proposals
    2. If this step is not completed, the guided pop-over tour with information about this area will appear each time you log in to the portal to remind you that setup is required
    3. For more information, see the Configuring proposal payment terms article

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

All firm administrators are encouraged to set up MFA for improved account security in Main menu >  > My Profile. A prompt will show after the guided tour, however, you can simply click to navigate away from the page to skip this step. For more information, see the Setting up multi-factor authentication article.

What content can I access?

As a trial user, you will have access to the following content:

Main menu >  > Bridges
  1. Proactive Onboarding
  2. Complimentary Client Review
  3. Business Planning

Main menu >  > Mindset Tools > Mindset Catalogue
  1. OARBED Mindset Card and Video
  2. Achiever Matrix Mindset Card and Video

Main menu  > Training > Training Videos folder
  1. Templates & Versions Release
  2. Client Contracts Made Easy
  3. Proactive Onboarding
  4. Articulate Your Value
  5. Gap Quickstart
  6. The Complimentary Client Review
  7. Facilitation Mastery
  8. How to Run a Business Planning session
Main menu  > Marketing
  1. Your BD Marketing Collateral: access to guides and marketing collateral documents
  2. Proposal Branding: full access to the Proposal Cover and Back Cover templates and examples
  3. Your Marketing Plan: access to Annual Marketing Budget, Annual Campaign Planner and Marketing KPI Report
  4. SMB Marketing Resources: access to The Marketing Funnel
  5. The Gap + BOMA: access to The Gap + BOMA Launch Webinar

Main menu >  > Leadership
  1. Gap Champion Resources: contains resources to help you implement advisory services and fast-track your ROI from The Gap
  2. Your BD Plan: access The World of Business Development image and The Gap ROI Calculator
  3. Modern Firm Job Descriptions: access to the Director Job Description and example
  4. Covid-19 Resources: access to the Prevention and Response Policy

Main menu  > Templates > Starter Kits 
  1. Tax Review, which you can copy and amend to suit your territory

The Bridges

The Bridges area is where you'll find the content to deliver Business Development services to your clients. We call these services 'bridges' as they 'bridge the gap' between compliance and advisory. As a trial user, you will have access to three bridges:
  1. Proactive Onboarding (PO):
    1. Client onboarding is about starting the relationship on a productive, positive, and engaging footing which will likely result in referrals and a better working relationship
  2. Complimentary Client Review (CCR):
    1. Determine how you and your client can work together to solve the challenges they're experiencing in their business and ensure their business is delivering on their goals
    2. Note: Trial users do not get full access to content in the Re-engage sub-folder within the CCR bridge (this content is not required to complete a CCR)
  3. Business Planning (BP):
    1. The Business Plan is a dynamic one-page plan which addresses the heart and soul of a business, establishing revenue targets and identifying and prioritising personal and business goals, KPIs, opportunities, and vulnerabilities
    2. Add your firm as a client and use the content to develop your Business Plan
The Process Flowchart and Process Guides in the 1. Process folder for each bridge clearly explain the process for marketing, selling and delivering each service. Ensure you read these prior to getting started.

Important info
The Process Guide is available by clicking the Download Process Guide button in the top right-hand corner above the Flowchart.

What is in a Bridge?

Most bridges are split into five stages:
  1. Process: a flowchart identifying the team member responsible for each step and, where available, a button to download the Process Guide to show best practice use of content.
  2. Marketing: collateral and templates to position the value of the service to clients.
  3. Selling: proposal scoping notes and proposal templates to send via the portal for online acceptance.
  4. Delivery: everything needed to deliver the service including pre-work, guides, checklists, delivery notes, plans and meeting minutes.
  5. Review: feedback forms to send via the portal for clients to complete online and a guide to utilising the client feedback.

Ensure you've set up your Payment Options prior to creating a proposal.

How to use a Bridge

  1. Select the bridge from Main menu >  > Bridges or use the Search  feature in the Main menu toolbar to find a specific bridge or service.
  2. Review the Process Flowchart and Process Guide.
  3. Utilise the marketing content to promote the service.
  4. Send a proposal via the portal.
  5. Send pre-work 1-2 weeks prior to the session; follow up if not received on time.
  6. Use the remaining content in the Delivery folder to deliver the service to the client.
  7. Send the Feedback Form within 48 hours of delivering the service.

Creating your firm's Business Plan

We recommend you use the content in the Business Planning bridge and follow the process to develop your firm's Business Plan during your trial.

Check out our How to Run a Business Planning Session training video in Main menu  > Training Training Videos > Service Delivery for more information about creating a Business Plan.

Add your firm as a client 

  1. Navigate to Main menu  > Add Client.
  2. Fill in the client profile using your firm's details. The required fields are Client NamePrimary Contact and Contact Email.
  3. Click Save.

Your firm's name will appear in the Clients list and all Client selection dropdowns throughout the portal.

Choose your facilitator and attendees

  1. Allocate one team member to facilitate the Business Planning session, ideally a senior team member who intends to deliver the Business Planning service to clients.
  2. Direct this person to follow the complete process and use the Delivery Notes
  3. Determine who will attend the session. All partners should attend.

Send the pre-work

  1. Navigate to Main menu  > Bridges Business Planning > Delivery > Business Planning Confirmation and Pre-work Email or use the Search  feature to find the Business Planning Pre-work
  2. Select your firm from the Client dropdown in the top right-hand corner.
  3. Update the name in the greeting to reflect the recipients.
  4. Update the input fields and edit the email content if required.
  5. Review the pre-work questions then click Next or Action at the bottom.
  6. To send the pre-work to more than one attendee, select the Send to multiple recipients checkbox then input the email addresses of all attendees, separated by a comma. Note that the pre-work will automatically send to the primary contact's email address. 
  7. Click Send Email.

Important info
Each email sent via the portal contains a unique pre-work link; use the Send to multiple recipients email feature if multiple people need to submit pre-work. 

Prepare for the session

  1. The administrator prepares for the session using the Administration Support Checklist, accessing the completed pre-work from Main menu  > Inbox.
  2. The facilitator reviews the Delivery NotesOARBED Behaviour Model and attendees' completed pre-work, noting common themes.

Check out the Business Plan Example to see a best practice example of a completed Business Plan. This can be accessed via the Example button in the 4. Delivery folder of the Business Planning bridge.

Deliver the session

  1. Follow the Delivery Notes to deliver the session.
  2. Use flipcharts to brainstorm ideas, then complete each section succinctly in the Business Plan.
  3. Record additional notes in the Meeting Minutes.
  4. At the end of the session, click Next or Action on the Meeting Minutes.
  5. In the Email section of the Business Plan, click Attach, select the completed Meeting Minutes, then click Attach.
  6. Click Next or Action on the Business Plan.
  7. Select the checkbox to Send to multiple recipients, then add the email addresses of all attendees.
  8. Click Send email.

Upgrade your account

You can upgrade your account at any moment during your trial by clicking the Upgrade Account button:
  1. When it shows upon clicking on restricted content links
  2. Under the Personal Settings in Main menu >  > My profile page

Alternatively, book a demo or contact our team to learn more about becoming a member.

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