The Gap Portal

Customising your user settings

User Settings allows you to customise the settings personal to you, e.g. name, email, greeting and sign off, email signature, password, etc. You can also enable/disable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in this area. Navigate to Main menu > My Profile to get started.

Personal Settings

  1. Your First Name will pull through to your email sign off; your First Name and Last Name will pull through to your letter sign off
  2. You can't edit your own email address - portal administrators can edit this field for other users by navigating to Main menu >  > Manage users > Edit  
    1. If you are the only portal administrator and need your email address updated, submit a Support Ticket via Main menu > Support Tickets or contact us and we can assist
  3. The Reply-to email address will receive replies to emails sent via the portal, e.g. if a client replies to a proposal email
  4. To reduce firm setup requirements and ensure best email deliverability practices are followed, the portal sends all emails via the generic email address
    1. Client replies will be sent to the email address in the Reply-to field in your User Settings - by default, this will be the email address used upon account creation
  5. Greeting and Sign Off allows you to customise the tone of your emails, these can be edited during email creation
  6. Upload an Email Signature which will automatically populate emails sent via the portal
    1. Maximum image size is 580px x 200px
    2. Input a URL to link your Email Signature to your website or social media
    3. Add additional text to your signature if required
  7. Add an Email Disclaimer which will automatically populate at the bottom of emails sent via the portal

Password Settings

  1. Type in the old password and the new password in the corresponding input fields, and click on Save to keep the changes
  2. Your passwords must include:
    1. at least 8 characters
    2. at least one uppercase letter
    3. at least one lowercase letter
    4. at least one number
    5. at least one symbol

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

MFA is required If your firm is utilising the Xero Practice Manager connection via Xero Sync. Check out the Setting up multi-factor authentication article for more information.

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