Sending an email to multiple recipients

Sending an email to multiple recipients

Portal emails that you're likely to send to multiple recipients include proposals, plans, meeting minutes and  pre-work (where you'll need pre-work submissions from multiple recipients). 

When creating a document to email from the portal, upon selecting your client from the Select Client dropdown, the name and email address of the client's primary contact will automatically populate as an email recipient.

To send an email to multiple people consider how you'll address them in the email section of a document and have subsequent email addresses ready to paste or type in upon hitting the Next or Action button. 
  1. During document creation edit the email greeting to reflect the additional recipients; click into the greeting field in the email body and amend the greeting, e.g. change 'John' to 'John and team' or 'John and James'.  Alternatively, delete the field containing the primary contact's name and type directly into the email.
  2. Review the email (and associated plan, meeting minutes, pre-work, etc. if applicable) and update as required. Leave any Attendee Name fields blank for each recipient to complete themselves.
  3. Click the Next button to go to the Action screen.
  4. Click the  button in the Recipients list. Note that the client's primary contact will already be there by default.
  5. Select additional email addresses from the dropdown. Contacts synced from Xero, imported via CSV, or added manually against the client will appear in this list.
    1. You can also type the additional email addresses in the text area, separated by a comma
    2. If you regularly send emails to multiple recipients, add them as that client's Contacts so they appear in the dropdown
    3. You can also select your email address or the emails of other firm users from the dropdown if you need to send copies of an email
  6. Click  Send.
To receive pre-work submissions from multiple recipients, each recipient must receive their own email from the portal with a  unique link to complete their pre-work.
Important info
We only recommend sending portal emails to multiple recipients within the same client company, e.g. to send pre-work to multiple attendees prior to a meeting.  Use your email campaign software to send emails to multiple clients.

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