The Gap Portal

Resetting your password

If you are having trouble resetting your portal password, follow the steps below:
  1. Ensure you are requesting a password reset on the correct portal site:
    1. Oceania/Asia ( - this site is for the Oceania and Asia regions, including New Zealand, Australia, Papua New Guinea, and Pacific Islands
    2. Rest of the World ( - this site is for all remaining regions (Europe North America, South America, Africa, Antarctica) including The United Kingdom, South Africa and Canada
  2. Ensure you enter your email address correctly. If you cannot locate the reset password email, try submitting another password reset request, ensuring you carefully enter the correct email address associated with your portal login.
  3. Check your junk folder for the password reset email.
  4. Ask your Portal Administrator to confirm your email address:
    1. They can check which email address is associated with your portal login via the Main Menu >  > Manage Users tab
    2. You can only reset your password with your portal registered email
    3. You can also contact us for assistance
  5. Check your reset link has not expired.
    1. Reset links expire if requested more than 60 minutes ago, or if another password reset has since been requested
    2. If you click an expired password reset link, an error message will show in your browser: 'Your requested password key has been expired. Please try again'
    3. To rectify, submit a new password request and be sure to click the 'Click here to reset your password' link from the most recently received email
Important info
If you are still having trouble logging in, reach out to us via our Contact Us page and we will happily assist.
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