The Gap Portal

Managing firm users

The Manage Users area is where you can search, add or remove your firm's users, and verify their Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) status. This area also displays the number of users your firm's membership allows; if you need more users, contact us to upgrade your account to the next tier.

You must have administrator rights to access the portal areas referenced in this article.
Important info
We recommend that firms have at least two portal administrators.

To start, navigate to Main menu > Manage Users. This area contains a search bar, a + New User button, an Archive button and four columns:
  1. Name, listing the names of your firm's users
  2. Email, listing the user's email address
  3. Type, identifying the access level for each firm user (Firm admin or Firm user)
  4. Action, containing three buttons: Edit , Multi-Factor Authentication status  and Delete      

Adding a new user

Important info
When a new user is added, they'll receive an email with their login details and a password reset link.
Firm users do not have access to the Main menuAdmin  area of the portal.
  1. Click the + New User button in the top right corner of the page, below the Main menu toolbar.
  2. Type the new user's information in the Add User popover prompt.
  3. Select the type of user: Firm user or Firm admin.
  4. Select the user's status: Active or Inactive (inactive users will appear highlighted in yellow in the Mange Users area).
  5. Click Save to add the user.

The 'email address is already allocated to a user' error message

An email address is already allocated to a user when:
  1. The user has previously used their email address for a trial
  2. The user was previously added to the firm but then archived
  3. The user has an account in another firm's portal using the same email address
To rectify the issue:
  1. Contact us so we can remove your email address from your trial account
  2. Use a different email address that is not associated with another firm
  3. Ask one of your firm's portal administrators to restore the user from the archive folder

Misspelt email troubleshooting

If an email address has been misspelt when setting up a user, that user will not receive their login credentials. To enable the user to log in:
  1. A portal administrator must update the user's email address by editing the user's details.
  2. Once the email is updated, the user must navigate to
  3. The user must then click the 'Forgot your password?' text below the Login button. The Forgot Password page will load.
  4. The user must enter their email address and click Submit.
The user will then receive an email containing a password reset link with a 60-minute timeout. If the password reset link expires, the user can simply submit another 'Forgot Password' request.

The Manage User actions

There are three buttons in the Action column:
  1. Edit , which allows you to change a firm user's details
  2. Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Status , which displays the current status of the MFA for each firm user
  3. Delete , which removes a user's access to the portal (deleted users are Archived and can be restored from the Archive)

Editing a user

To find a user, type their name in the Search bar.
  1. Find the user you wish to edit.
  2. Click on Edit  in the Action column. The Edit User popover prompt will appear.
  3. Update the user information.
  4. Click Save.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) status

MFA is required to connect to Xero Practice Manager via Xero Sync in the Manage Clients area.
In this case, the MFA icons will always be red  (MFA setup required) or green (MFA enabled), as they cannot be disabled.
  1. The MFA Status  informs if a firm user has enabled Multi-Factor Authentication
  2. A grey  icon means that MFA is disabled; a red  icon means MFA needs to be set up; a green  icon means that MFA is enabled for that user
  3. Click any grey  or red  icon to send an email to a firm user to remind them to enable their MFA
Important info
To find out more about Multi-Factor Authentication, see our Setting up Multi-Factor Authentication article.

Deleting a user

  1. Deleted users lose access to The Gap Portal
  2. Deleted users can be viewed and restored from the Archive page

The Archive page

  1. The Archive contains all deleted users
  2. To view deleted users, click the Archive button in the top right corner of the Manage Users area, below the Main menu toolbar
  3. Click Restore  to restore a user's access to The Gap Portal; this will move them back into the Manage Users area

Continue minimum setup: Customising your user settings
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