The implementation pathways

The implementation pathways

Choosing an implementation pathway enables you to achieve an ROI from The Gap faster.

There are many opportunities to add value to your clients and your firm within The Gap. However, focusing your efforts on a particular implementation pathway will enable you and your team to get clear and united on what you want to achieve first and how you'll achieve it with support from The Gap.

Important info
Your Gap Member Success contact will help you determine the right pathway for your firm and direct you to relevant content, processes and education.

The six implementation pathways are:
  1. Onboarding Efficiency: provide a slicker client experience and start higher value relationships.
  2. Holding Better Meetings: get better engagement and sales outcomes.
  3. Education Marketing: deliver educational events and content marketing that drives engagement and sales outcomes.
  4. Delivering Advisory Services: monetise the Business Advisory Trifecta - annual Business Planning, annual forecasting and ongoing reporting and accountability... (and more).
  5. Capability Building: Continuous Professional Development (CPD) and leadership and mindset education.
  6. Best Practice Process: set your team up for success and minimise scope stretch.
The portal contains an abundance of content, systems, guides, mindset resources, training videos and much, much more. Pick your pathway and prioritise using the resources most relevant to your firm.

Reach out to our Member Success team to crack on with a pathway for achieving a greater ROI from The Gap.
  1. Contact Kirsteen Day (NZ/AU)
  2. Contact Amy Saleman (NZ/AU)
  3. Contact Zoe Beaver (NZ/AU)
  4. Contact Debbie Spooner (UK)
The power of an idea is in its implementation. - Michael Sheargold

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