Saving amended versions of a document

Saving amended versions of a document

The Versions  feature allows you to create and save your own version of portal forms, e.g. creating a farming-specific version of the Business Plan or Succession Plan. We recommend only making minimal changes to portal forms as they've been created to follow a systemised best practice process. Your firm should have a robust process for creating and editing versions and ensure any changes add value to the client.

  are not designed for bespoke document creation. If you wish to create a document for your firm's bespoke services, use our Templates area instead.

You must have administrator rights to access the portal areas referenced in this article.
Ownership of the IP of  all versions is retained by The Gap as per the terms of our Licence Agreement .

To start, navigate to the portal form you wish to create a version of; we recommend using the Search  feature on the left-hand side of the Main menu toolbar.

An overview

Important info
We regularly update portal forms. Any updates made will not update your previously created versions. We recommend viewing our New and Updated Content page regularly to review content updates.
Do not include any client information during version creation.
  1. All Versions  are accessible firm-wide
  2. Edits to Gap Portal Forms without using the versions feature cannot be saved
  3. You can only create versions of editable forms, not on-screen PDFs or direct downloads
  4. You can set your firm's version as the default so it appears when the document is opened by using the Set as default version feature
  5. You can have up to 10 versions of a document
  6. When you click the Versions  menu the opened version appears highlighted in light red by default

Creating a version


  1. Find the relevant Portal Form.
  2. Click the Versions  menu > + create new.
  3. Update the Document Name and Version Name. Document Names are visible to clients; Version Names are only visible to firm users. The document name will be searchable within your portal.
  4. To make this version appear when the document is opened (instead of the Gap version), click Set as default version
  5. Review and edit the Subject Line and contents of the Email. To attach a file, click Attach  in the top right-hand corner of the Email section, then select a document and click Open. This attachment will be sent when this version is used unless removed by the user.
  6. Review and edit the contents of the document.
  7. Click Preview to review your version.
  8. Click Save.
Important info
We strongly recommend checking the following:
  1. The Using pre-work article when creating or editing a version of a pre-work document
  2. The Using proposals article when creating or editing a version of a proposal document
You can create a new version of one of your versions by clicking the Duplicate version  button in the Versions  menu.

Using a version

  1. Find the document you wish to use.
  2. If your version is not the default, click the  Versions  menu > select the desired Version; if it is the default it will already appear on screen.
  3. Select a client and edit the document as necessary for that specific client.
  4. Click Preview to review the document before sending.
  5. Click Complete to send to the client or Save as Draft to save to your Drafts tab.
Any edits made while  using  a version  will only apply to the version sent to the client; not to your firm's saved v ersion.

Do not
 use Gap Forms to request credit card or payment details!

Editing a version

All versions are visible firm-wide, consider the implications that editing a version will have on other firm users.
  1. Find the document you wish to edit. For more information, check the Using the editing toolbars article.
  2. Click the Versions  menu > find the version > Edit Version . The version will then open in Edit Version mode.
  3. Edit the version as required.
  4. Click Preview to review your edited version.
  5. Click Save.

Deleting a version

  1. Find the document whose version you wish to delete.
  2. Click the Versions  menu > find the version > Delete Version . Alternatively, click the Delete button at the bottom of the page while in Edit Version mode.
  3. Click OK to confirm.
If the document you deleted was the current default version, the Gap Version will become the new default.
Deleting a version   cannot be reversed. Versions are firm-wide; deleting a version removes the document for  all firm users .
Gap versions cannot be deleted.

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