The Gap Portal

Managing inbox notifications

To start, navigate to the Main menu  > Inbox tab.
  1. The Inbox tab contains a list of the documents submitted by clients, e.g. proposals, pre-work, feedback, etc.
  2. The user who sent the document to the client will receive an email notification from the portal upon submission by the client
  3. A white circle above the Main menu icon shows the number of unread notifications; this number is specific to you and not firm-wide
  4. If the document name is bold it means the submitted document has not been downloaded from this tab; normal text means the submitted document has been downloaded
  5. A green paperclip  to the right of the document name indicates that your client has submitted an attachment; hover over the paperclip to view the name of the attachment or click to download it

Downloading a submitted document

  1. Navigate  to the Main menu > Inbox tab.
  2. Change the Document Owner dropdown to All Documents if the document was sent to the client by another user.
  3. Click the name of the document to download it.
  4. Open the document from your device's Downloads folder.
Important info
A copy of the client's completed document is also saved to the client's Activity area.

Filing a submitted document to FYI

If your firm is connected to FYI, you can file a client's submitted document to FYI from the Inbox tab.
  1. Navigate to the Main menu > Inbox tab.
  2. Click Action > File in FYI.
Follow the instructions in the popover prompt. For more information, check our article about Filing articles to FYI.

Deleting an Inbox notification

  1. Navigate to the Main menu > Inbox tab.
  2. Change the Document Owner dropdown to All Documents if the document was sent to the client by another user.
  3. Click on the document's checkbox  > Delete  to delete it.
Deleting a document from the Inbox tab simply deletes the notification; the document will still be saved to the client's Activity tab.

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