The Gap Portal

Managing completed documents

To start, navigate to the Main menu > Completed tab. Documents are saved here when a user clicks the Next or Action button.

By default, Completed documents expire 2 years after the completion date.

Finding a Completed document

  1. If the Completed document was created by another user, click the Document Owner dropdown in the top right-hand corner and change from My Documents to All Documents
  2. Use the Search  feature to find a Completed document, using the document name or client name as keywords
  3. Alternatively, sort the documents in  Ascending  or Descending  order by clicking on the column headers and/or chevron arrows once
    1. The header of the column the Completed documents are sorted by will appear red with a chevron arrow next to it
    2. Completed  documents are sorted by Date from most recent to oldest by default

Editing a Completed document

Important info
We recommend editing a client's previously completed document to update it during a relevant session, e.g. a Business Plan during a coaching or Business Planning session.
  1. Navigate to the Main menu > Completed tab.
  2. Change the Document Owner dropdown to All Documents if the Completed document was completed by another user.
  3. Click the Document Name to open the document, this will create a new duplicate draft and won't affect the original document.
  4. Edit the document as required.
  5. Click Save as Draft to save to the Drafts tab or the Next or Action buttons to save to the Completed tab.

Duplicating a previously completed document will not pick up any new firm settings, such as new firm logos or Terms of Engagement.
If you are making corrections to a client document, delete the incorrect version from the Completed tab and the client's Activity tab to keep your records tidy.

Deleting a Draft

  1. Navigate to the Main menu > Completed tab.
  2. Change the Document Owner dropdown to All Documents if the document was completed by another user.
  3. Click the checkbox  > Delete .
  4. Click OK on the popover prompt.
Deleted or expired Completed documents cannot be restored for editing but a PDF copy is kept in the client's Activity tab.

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