Fixing duplicated client profiles

Fixing duplicated client profiles

Duplicate client profiles typically occur when a client is added manually but also syncs from  Xero Practice Manager - when clients sync, they are matched by XPM ID number instead of their names and emails addresses

While it's not possible to merge client profiles, you can manually transfer files between clients then delete the duplicate.

Transferring files between client profiles

If a duplicate client is due to the XPM sync, retain the XPM client to ensure the client continues to sync from XPM. If you're not sure which client to delete, update a field in XPM, run a manual sync from the portal  Manage Clients area, then keep the profile that successfully updates.
  1. Make sure the duplicate clients are the same client: compare names, addresses, etc.
  2. Choose a client to keep: we strongly recommend that you keep the client synced from XPM or the client with the most Activity documents.
  3. Find activities from the duplicate from Main menu > View Clients > select client > Activity tab.
  4. Click each document name in the Activity tab to download the documents.
  5. Navigate to the original XPM synced client's Activity tab.
  6. Click the Upload Document button at the top right, the Upload document prompt will appear.
  7. Click Browse and select the document to add. You can only add one document at a time (maximum size: 10MB).
  8. If you wish, edit the document name and date (to reflect the date of the activity) and click Upload. Note: client documents are listed in reverse chronological order by default.
  9. Repeat steps 6-8 for each document downloaded from the duplicate client.
  10. Check all documents from the duplicate have been uploaded to the original client in the portal and filed in FYI (if applicable). This step is important to ensure you do not lose documents.
  11. Finally, delete the duplicate client.
All firm users can delete a client via Main menuView Clients > Edit  > Delete; portal administrators can delete clients via Main menu > Manage Clients > click on a client's checkbox  > Delete .
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